SoCal Rambling

Southern California Living. 

San Pedro, CA (also known as the Port of LA), where I work as a shoreside marine engineer supporting a small fleet of tugboats.  Years of wandering the globe replaced for now with a short commute and a 60 hour per week job. 

The work/life balance is askew and my creative time in the kitchen is suffering. Until work slows down a bit I am surviving on street food and energy bars. So, lacking any pretty food pics (The Desperate Gourmet will return!), I’ll have to post random photos from daily life. 

 Looking and feeling pretty rough

(My) Old Man and the Sea. 84 years young.

Tugboat out “earning” on an escort job

My favorite taco truck on Pacific Ave

Favorite taco truck, Pacific Ave

Street tacos my way

Greasy bag of tacos, a sugar-free Slurpee and an amazing view.
Point Fermin
My project truck by the Korean Friendship Bell. Great place for memorable sunsets. 

View towards Catalina

Beautiful old Point Fermin Lighthouse


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